Keith J. Burkard

Founder and CEO

Keith J. Burkard, a highly regarded serial entrepreneur and creative visionary, and is the Founder and Managing Partner of Burkard Group Hospitality. With extensive experience in hospitality design and development, venture capital, and financial engineering, Burkard has established himself as a leader in his field. Burkard is an exceptional entrepreneur and creative visionary with a proven track record of success in the industry.

Prior to founding Burkard Group, Burkard commenced his career at PAF Group in NYC, where he was a key first hire and played a crucial role in establishing the foundation of the business infrastructure. He was responsible for driving product innovation and global execution procedures, developing creative value opportunities for high-net worth individuals, H&W‘s, family offices, and companies.

Burkard's accomplishments in London, New York, and Puerto Rico were recognized, and he was credited with being the right-hand man to the CEO on various complex structuring cases.

Burkard's perseverance and relentless pursuit of excellence was evident when he, along with Innovation Trust Bank International, was granted permission to organize an IFE banking institution after two years of design and facilitation with high-level government officials.

He has also held several C-Level positions, where he demonstrated his ability to handle high-pressure situations, manage capital effectively, maximize profits, and organize teams efficiently as Chief of Staff.

Burkard continued to conceptualize new and innovative value-add opportunities that embraced production, technology, and hospitality. Over the past several years Burkard has spearheaded design, development and creative vision for hotels, restaurants, and various hospitality ventures with notable counterparties such as Mohegan Sun, Virgin Hotels, Z-Life, Sightline, Area15, Disney and beyond.

Burkard's entrepreneurial pursuits have proven his ability to identify unique opportunities and execute them quickly and efficiently encompassing military style project execution.

Burkard is an accomplished professional who holds a BA in Political Science & Economics from the University of Miami and a Blockchain Degree from Oxford University Saïd Business School.

He brings with him years of educational and practical experience in diverse financial and political markets. Burkard is actively involved in serving on several advisory boards. He is also a passionate advocate for military veterans and St. Jude‘s Children‘s Cancer center, reflecting his commitment to community and philanthropic initiatives.

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  • Conservative Consistency

    With a methodical approach grounded in conservative consistency, we adeptly explore opportunities and avenues within our specialized domain, ensuring that every aspect is meticulously designed to safeguard your investment.

  • Unifying Strategy

    With a primary focus on specialization, we develop uniquely compelling systems that reinforce a unified strategy, effectively highlighting the potential of your business to the investors who are relevant to your goals.

  • Human Capital

    At Burkard Group, we uphold unwavering integrity in our actions, while prioritizing training and career growth for our employees and actively supporting local communities through philanthropic endeavors, all of which are integral to our company's values-driven culture.


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